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by Rudy Segovia

"Kyle Patrick is a triple threat in the arts currently making a name for himself with Windy City Playhouse, with their Jeff Award-winning production of The Boys in the Band and the upcoming production of Sons of Hollywood. 
Kyle is also set to release his upcoming short film "Subsurface." In Subsurface, Kyle Patrick tackles mental health and gives us a raw insight into the mind of someone clearly struggling and trying to manage and cope. Whether the mental health matter is an issue or circumstance, is unclear, but that's precisely the point. Kyle takes us inside Jared's journey of trying to deal with and communicate his struggle and vocalizing his feelings. We become one with Kyle Patrick as we witness Jared's journey to choose between 'power through it' and 'I need help.'  

The shots are haunting and reflective of what most of us feel either on a smaller or larger scale on a daily basis. When is the right situation to get thicker skin and move on and what's the tipping point for asking for help? These are the questions we get asked and want to know from this short film, but ultimately this is a film about acknowledging the dilemma most people have everyday [sic] in all aspects of their lives, and opening this important conversation. 

Film updates and social media platforms can be found at "

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