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“Subsurface” | Independent Movie Review
by Langdon Alger


Just like the opening scene I’m gonna jump right in and say I liked SubsurfaceSubsurface is the type of project that even in its simplicity packs a meaningful message that hopefully breaks through and connects with people that need to see and hear that message.

In the opening scene, we are introduced to our main character, Jared, played by Kyle Patrick, whom [sic] is tied to a chair in an isolated, dark, simple yet complex and flooded chamber. Trying to free himself from the ties that bind, Jared eventually frees himself from his chair only to now search for a way out of this place that he finds himself imprisoned.

Even though Jared is a powerful figure in stature, we quickly learn that his physical strength is not enough to help him “power through” and escape this place he finds himself in.

It’s a very quick 7-minute project, so I don’t want to give too much away. When I review projects I really don’t do any research, barely even read a tagline. So I wasn’t sure where this project was going to take me. Initially I though [sic] it was going to go in the torture chamber escape horror movie direction, but happily it went in a direction that contained a hopeful message for those who are lucky enough to have supportive people in their life that are able to recognize and ask “Do you need help babe?”.


Subsurface was really nicely done. The production design was pretty cool for an independent. Don’t see too many flooded stages. There were some really cool reflection shots, so was glad to see the crew work those into the project. The sound was nicely done, and there were some very nice FX as well. So yeah, a job well done to everybody that worked on this SoliFilm Productions of Subsurface."

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